Monday, November 8, 2010

Finally, The 1930's Edition Britain's 4.7" Naval Cannon (Mounted for Field Work)

I monitor the auction and collector's sites in search of items. Not always to buy but to see how the hobby is doing. As a toy soldier enthusiast, I'm sure I'm certainly not alone.
So, imagine my shock when I stumble upon this...

This is W. Britain's product no. 1264, a 1930's edition of the fabled 4.7" Naval Cannon. The price was fantastic, so, of course, I had to grab it Jamie let me insisted I have it. It even came with a bag of rounds (both 4.7 and 6 inch, apparently).
I'll just let the pictures do the talking. Here it is with some of the 4.7" rounds. There are dozens of them.

Here it is with my scratchbuilt de Bange 155mm. They complement each other.

The firing mechanism is somewhat worn; this cannon was well used!

And sadly, this will be the last I see of it. It is technically my Christmas present. Until then, it shall inhabit my dreams as the penultimate ultimate toy cannon (thanks Cort!).
(Note: this article was edited on 15 November to correct grammar)